5 Reasons You Should Join The

Motability Scheme at Bells Crossgar Motors ( if you haven't yet!)

The Motability Scheme offers affordable, worry-free motoring through an all-inclusive leasing package to help disabled people, their families and carers regain their independence and become mobile.

If you qualify for the Motability car scheme but haven't joined up yet - here's some reasons why you should take advantage of this brilliant scheme. Open up the doors to freedom today with the Motability car scheme at Bells Crossgar Motors, just 20 minutes drive from Belfast!

motability belfast benefits

1. Freedom or Independence

The Motability scheme will allow you go out and explore the world, giving you back your independence and allowing you to make more of your own choices! Don't worry if you can't drive, the Motability scheme allows you to nominate three drivers on to your insurance, so your loved ones or carer can take you wherever you want to go.

2. Worry-Free Motoring

When you join the Motability scheme you don't just get a brand new car, but an all inclusive driving package, all you'll have to do is add your own fuel! At Bells Crossgar Motors your new motability package will cover your car servicing, car tax, car repair, and insurance costs (for up to two named drivers) on your behalf. That's not all though - you'll also get full tyre replacement, RAC breakdown cover and windscreen replacement over the 3 year duration of your contract.

3. A Brand New Car Every 3 Years!

That's right - you'll change your car every 3 years which means you'll always be driving the very latest model (and all the modern user friendly technology that comes with it). We have a fantastic range of new Motability vehicles arriving at the dealership on an annual basis - the choice is ALL yours!


Bells Crossgar Motability has some of the best award-winning Motability deals in Northern Ireland. With the majority of our car's and SUV's topping 'Car Of The Year' lists year on year! Why go anywhere else? Most of our Motability car ranges start from just NIL advance payment.

5. Personalised To You

Many of our adaptions also come free of charge via our Motability scheme, so whether you need more space, or maybe some additional safety sensors, our Motability specialists can get that all added for you on your behalf.

Start the path to worry free motoring and independence today- speak with a member of our Motability team or leave an enquiry for us below!

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