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Top Tips For Buying A New Car!

Top 10 Tips for Buying a New Car!


Thinking of purchasing a brand new car? Read this first!


Here are Bells Crossgars best tips on getting the right car for you, at the right price.


1.  Work out what you need

Seems obvious, but it’s really important to establish what essentials you really need before you hit the showroom. How many seats do you need? What sort of boot space is there? Is fuel economy more important to you than performance? Everyone's different!

Are there certain conveniences you can’t live without, like Bluetooth, Hands-free or air conditioning? Will it one day become the kids’ runabout, or do you only plan to keep it for a couple of years? It helps to think about all these things before you begin.



2.  Work out what you can afford

It’s important not just to look at the price of the car itself, but also how much it will cost to run over the medium and long term.


If you’re taking on a monthly payment (as do most buyers), you’ll need to add to that the fuel, road tax, insurance and any potential repairs, should you decide to keep it beyond its manufacturer warranty. This isn't too complicated, but requires thought and planning!


3.   Decide how long you plan to keep it for

This is a key consideration. Do you plan to buy your car outright and run it into the ground, so to speak, or do you prefer the warranty-backed assurance of a new car every three years or so?


Each has its pros and cons: changing cars regularly means you can keep your costs in control and are less likely to encounter repair issues, while owning a car outright means, of course, no monthly payments. 


  4. Know your HP from your PCP from your GMFV from your APR

There are a few ways to buy a car, aside from paying with cash upfront in the dealership, and most people do end up paying for their car monthly.


So, do your research and work out the difference between HP, PCP and leasing. It's also worth comparing APR, as some with lower interest rates, will save you money in the long run.

5.  Cash is king… sometimes

Being a cash buyer is great if you’re planning on keeping the car long term, but if you think you’ll regularly change your car, it might be worth holding onto your cash and taking out a monthly payment scheme.


6. Test drive

Another obvious one, but a proper test drive is really important and you should never be embarrassed about giving any car you’re thinking about a good going over.

Think about everything you’ll be using it for and drive in familiar surroundings so you can focus on the car itself and try to test it doing things it’ll be doing every day – take the kids with you, for instance.



7.   Have more than one option

It can be difficult to stay emotionally detached from the process of buying a car –most of us have decided what car we want long before the test drive and the nitty gritty of finance. But if you can, it’s best to remain open minded, some cars may suit you much better than others - you just don't know it yet.



        8.   Know your car’s worth…but don’t be trapped by it either

While it’s important to do your research and know the part-exchange value of your car, you should always think about its valuation in the context of the deal.

So, if your car’s worth is roughly around £5000 and the car you’re after retails at £15,000, you should be looking to pay as far below the £10,000 difference as you can. Try to think in terms of what you’ll ultimately be paying though.

  1.   Check the essential specification and options


Not usually a priority when buying a new car but certainly worth your while considering! It can be important to buy a car that’s a popular trim with the right options on it in order to keep its resale value high and it’s monthly cost lower.

Ask us which options and colours are popular and we’ll advise you on this.



10.   Be sure about what you’re buying

Once you’ve decided on the car you really like and a price you’re happy with, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Sounds simple, but double check the specification, warranty, delivery date, and extras you expect like floor mats and enough fuel to get you home.



Hope this helps!



Best wishes,




Bells Crossgar


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