Discover a new efficient way to drive with the Peugeot Plug-in HYBRID range

With the Peugeot plug-in HYBRID range you can switch to electric transmission in an instant, with up to 39 miles driving range!

Our HYBRID range currently includes the Peugeot 3008 SUV HYBRID, All-New 508 HYBRID, and All-New 508 SW HYBRID and each includes an excellent enviromental performance and all the next-gen technology and specification as the current models.

Enjoy a FREE wallbox and a 6 month charging subscription when you order a new plug-in Peugeot HYBRID.

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Peugeot Hybrid Range | Bells Crossgar Motors NI


Experience a much smoother & environmentally friendly driving sensation when in electric mode

  • Up to 39 miles driving range while in 100% electric mode
  • Sharp acceleration due to the immediate torque
  • Peaceful silent driving experience with ZERO engine noise
  • All HYBRID versions come with AVAS ( Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System), as standard.
  • Save money - savings of up to 40% in comparison to combustion version
  • ZERO emissions when driving in electric mode
  • 8 year/100,000 miles warranty for the traction battery to maintain at least 70% capacity.
  • Easy to use - charge in less than four hours!
  • E-Remote control with the MYPEUGEOT app*

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Choose from the award-winning Peugeot 3008 SUV Hybrid, All-New 508 Hybrid, or All-New 508 SW Hybrid, in the Peugeot Hybrid range,

Same striking looks, but your choice of transmission.

No compromise.

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Peugeot 508 hybrid | Belfast NI
Peugeot 508 SW HYBRID
Peugeot HYBRID
SWITCH TO ELECTRIC H Y B R I D With our Peugeot Plug-in HYBRID range you'll get up to 39 miles zero emissions driving range when you switch to 100% electric mode.
Experience a serene driving experience H Y B R I D Your new Peugeot Plug-in HYBRID will offer you a peaceful and serene driving experience, because it's completely silent, no engine noise whatsoever!
Peugeot Hybrid Range | Bells Crossgar Peugeot NI
Discover the Peugeot HYBRID range H Y B R I D Ready to make the switch to HYBRID? Get in touch with us today and we'll look at whether switching to HYBRID could be the right move for you.