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Charles Bell
Charles (Charlie) Bell | Dealer Principal
Christopher Jess
Christopher Jess | General Operations Manager
Eamon Bell
Eamon Bell | New & Used Car Manager
Uel Orchin
Uel Orchin | Financial Director
Pete McCarthy
Pete McCarthy | New & Used Sales Administrator
Neal Duffy
Neal Duffy | Used Car Sales Executive
Carol Devlin
Carol Devlin | Marketing & Digital Comms Manager
Darren Kelly
Darren Kelly | Used Car Sales Executive
Gregory Morgan
Gregory Morgan | New Car Sales Executive
Victoria Beattie
Victoria Beattie | New Car Sales Executive
Ian McCreanor
Ian McCreanor | Used Car Sales Executive
Clare McGoran
Clare McGoran | New/Used Cars Administrator & Stock Control
Stephen Kerr
Stephen Kerr | New Car Sales Executive & Leads Specialist
Conall Cheetham
Conall Cheetham | New Car Sales Executive
Stewart Milliken
Stewart Milliken | New Car Sales Executive
Wilma McKee
Wilma McKee | Bookkeeper


Natalie Stratton
Natalie Stratton | Service Advisor
Emma Brown
Emma Brown | Service Advisor
William Mawhinney
William Mawhinney | Service Advisor
Gerard Crothers
Gerard Crothers | Parts Manager
Neil Smyth
Neil Smyth | Vehicle Technician
Jake Barbour
Jake Barbour | Vehicle Technician
Noel Shaw
Noel Shaw | Vehicle Technician
Craig Barbour
Craig Barbour | Vehicle Technican
Jacek Megger | Vehicle Technician
Craig T
Craig Thompson | Vehicle Technician
Simon Scranage
Simon Scranage | Vehicle Technician
Jamie Proudfoot | Vehicle Technician
Jayme Bannon | Vehicle Technician
Trevor Corbett | Vehicle Technician
Declan Mulholland
Declan Mulholland | Valeting & Vehicle Maintenance
Anne Smyth | Valeting & Used Car Preparation
Gareth Higgins
Gareth Higgins | Parts Department Specialist
Liam Magee
Liam Magee | Parts Department Specialist
Connor McMahon | Parts Department Specialist