Bells Crossgar Motors delighted to sponsor Ulster Hospital's Children Unit via NI Children to Lapland Trust

Hundreds of children at nine paediatric units in Northern Ireland received sensory toys and much-needed gifts over the festive period in 2021 thanks to the NI Children to Lapland Trust and their successful partnership with eight local companies across Northern Ireland.

Bells Crossgar Motors NI Sponsor NI Children to Lapland Trust 2022
Bells Crossgar Motors Dealership Principal, Charles Bell and Marketing Manager, Carol Devlin, are presented a plaque by the Dundonald Hospital Childrens Unit and Children to Lapland Trust President Gerry Kelly.

Bells Crossgar Motors were honoured to be presented with a token plaque from Dundonald Hospital's Children Unit for their partnership with the Northern Ireland Children to Lapland and Days to Remember Trust. The NICLT scheme was originally created by NICLT trustee Dr Mark Rollins to support children living with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions and who spend a lot of their precious time in hospital and/or hospice settings.

However, the recent pandemic prevented the charity from carrying out it's annual flight to Lapland, which has been creating special memories for children with challenging conditions for the last 12 years. Instead Northern Ireland businesses sponsoring the trust provided funding for much-needed gifts, sensory toys and equipment to the children in their respective units across Northern Ireland. Nominated children also received a special visit from the comfort of their homes, with a personalised video and letter from Santa, all the way from Lapland.

Charles Bell, Dealership Principal of Bells Crossgar Motors said:

"Bells Crossgar Motors are delighted to be involved in this very special initiative. The work of the Northern Ireland Children to Lapland and Days to Remember Trust is truly admirable and even in spite of the shadow of the pandemic, it has continued to put a smile of the face of those who deserve it most. The Ulster staff really light up when they speak about the children in their care. You can tell they are extremely caring and accommodating to the kids - we enjoyed meeting just a few of the ward nurses involved".

If you'd like to donate or get involved with the NI Children to Lapland Trust this year you can visit

Bells Crossgar Sponsor NI Children to Lapland Trust 2022