Bells Crossgar Motors, County Down, are delighted to announce that we are now a registered 'Dog Friendly NI' business! We are also the VERY FIRST 'Dog Friendly' registered car dealership in Northern Ireland, which we decided to welcome with open arms for a number of very important reasons!

Why 'Dog Friendly'?

We could not ignore the really positive impact that our customer & employee's dogs have on their every day lives & well being, where they are not only a cherished companion, but a truly valued member of the family. Family values are at the core of everything we do at Bells Crossgar Motors, County Down, so we felt it only fair to also welcome our customer's furry friends to our car dealership with 'open paws'!

It's also been well proven that dogs in the workplace have a fantastic impact on employee relations by reducing stress, and in helping retain an open, friendly atmosphere where staff are encouraged to talk and work together. With so many of our staff owning pets too - it felt like a very natural thing to do for us. It's funny how everyone can be staring at their desktop and mobile screens engrossed for hours, yet when a dog walks in to the room everyone jumps with joy! That can only be a good thing.

Jo Crossley, Founder of 'Dog Friendly NI' said:

“Dog Friendly NI aims to promote businesses that welcome dogs inside their premises. Being Dog Friendly is more than just a bowl of water in the doorway. I am delighted to have Bell’s Crossgar as the First Dog Friendly car dealership in Northern Ireland. Bell’s have embraced the good practice guidelines required by Dog Friendly NI and look forward to welcoming new customers of the two and four legged variety to their showroom in Crossgar, County Down.”

The website provides a full listing of all registered businesses and venues that welcome dogs inside and it is fantastic to have so many new businesses on board. With 40% of Northern Ireland households owning a dog, there is a big demand for dog friendly services and facilities.

Dog Friendly NI at Bells Crossgar Motors - Carol, Eamon & Poppy

Can I just bring my dog down to the dealership?

What about people who are afraid of dogs or allergic?

Before you bring your dog down to the car dealership please read our guide below! :)

Dog Friendly NI | Bells Crossgar Motors
Christopher Jess, General Manager of Bells Crossgar Motors, and Alfie the Bassett Hound.
Dog Friendly NI | Founder Jo Crossley
Jo Crossley - Founder of Dog Friendly NI

Good Practice Guide:

We love to see you dogs at Bell’s Crossgar and want everyone to enjoy their new car shopping experience.

Please ensure your dog is on a lead and remains with you at all times – staff love to say ‘Hello’ to our canine visitors, so be prepared for cuddles at all times.

We have dog water bowls available in the showroom, which are replenished daily. We also have some treats too!

Should your dog have an accident in the showroom, please clean it up and advise a member of staff.

Anti-bacterial handwash is available throughout the showroom for your use.

Please be respectful of any 'Dog Friendly NI' venues you visit

When you bring your dog to dog friendly venues it is only right that you respect that venue as you do your own home. Muddy, smelly dogs may roam freely outside in fields and trails but use your common sense and courtesy by not bringing your dog inside a venue in this condition.

We want to ensure ALL dog owners have the opportunity to bring their dog out with them but when other dog owners don’t respect the venues, then it is inevitable that the acceptance of dogs will be revoked.

Please be respectful and we can all enjoy the company of our dogs when we are out and about.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Dog Friendly NI - Group Photo feat Alfie & Poppy
Bells Crossgar Motors NI - Registered Dog Friendly Car Dealership