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Bell's Top 3 Cars for FIRST TIME DRIVERS!

Hey first time drivers!

Need some help deciding on your first car or looking for an upgrade that will suit both your budget AND your lifestyle?

Look no further!

The staff at Bells Crossgar have chosen their TOP THREE model recommendations especially for you.

Just keep scrolling....you can thank us later!


1.    The Renault Twingo


 How much will it cost?

Available from £139 a month for 48 months +a small deposit of £139 upfront! 

Annual tax is £20


Why the Twingo?

Fresh, fun and turning heads already! Aside from being exceptionally good value, this snappy little car has already won the Best City Car 2015 at the GQ British car awards, 2015 'Car Design of the Year' and has been praised by various car experts including Topgear!


Unique shape, agile, chic styling and spacious interior! Despite the Twingo's size it makes incredible use of its space by having folding passenger and rear seats for lots of extra storage capacity, so your not restricted in that sense...

Unique Features?

5 door car that's the same size as a 3 door + customization! The Twingo unlike other small city cars has a handy 5 doors, can be customized on both the exterior and interior or you can get even more creative by adding decals.

Aids your lifestyle - This innovative little number is also well-equipped with the latest technology and Renault’s R&GO smartphone application which allows you to manage your phone, social, multimedia, and navigation all at the end of your fingertips!



2. The Peugeot 108



How much will it cost?

It’s available from only £89 a month for 48 months + a deposit of £1,737 upfront.

 Annual Tax = £0


Why the Peugeot 108?

Not only is it affordable but the 108 is incredibly sleek and stylish, easy to drive, has boosted safety features, lower running costs, and ofcourse it’s equipped with all the latest connected technology making it a VERY attractive car for you new or young drivers!


Unique Features?

You literally become the designer! The Peugeot 108 has eight paint finishes, three interior ambiences, plus seven stylish and creative themes for you to choose from. Have at go at this from home by downloading the ‘Peugeot 108 in 3D’ app to create and design your own model!


The PureTech Engine - It's 3-cylinder petrol engine technology allows you maximum driving pleasure with excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions


3.   The Renault Zoe (Electric)

How much will it cost me?

Currently available from £79 a month (24 months), and a deposit of £79 

Annual tax = £0


Why the Renault Zoe?

100% electric with ZERO noise, ZERO emissions and the most advanced electric technology! The Renault Zoe was also recently awarded Best Car for Running Costs (Auto Express, 2015)and Best Electric Car (What Car? 2015).


Rear Parking Sensors with Reversing Camera- helps reduce any worries you may have about obstacles behind you. The reversing cam also shows you the space available for you to park and the trajectory according to the angle of the steering wheel. Perfect for installing confidence in first time drivers and alienating the risk of an accident!




Unique features?

Where shall we start!

Charged just like your mobile phone, the Zoe also comes with automatic air conditioning, a 3D spatial sound system, hands free card to lock and start the car, rain and light sensors, hill start assist, a synched telephone AND Tom Tom SatNav which also locates charging points for the car on route!


As Zoe is completely silent Renault have supplied three pedestrian warning sounds including Sport, Glam and Pure for extra safety! Listen to them here: https://soundcloud.com/renaultze



We hope you've found this guide useful and that you now have a better idea of which car is the right one for you.

Why not call down for a test drive with one of our friendly sales executives at Bells Crossgar and see them for yourself!

028 4483 3233 Happy Driving!!!


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