£750 Cashback Available for Motability Customers in Northern Ireland

  • £750 Customer Bonus now available across the Motability Car Range
  • Can be used towards your Advanced Payment or transferred into your Bank Account

Start your road to worry-free motoring with the Motability Scheme at Bells Crossgar Motors. If you are eligible for the Motability car scheme but haven't joined up yet - here are some reasons why this brilliant scheme can benefit you. Or if you're an existing Motability customer - read on to hear some great promotions and new Motability deals we can offer you. Open up the doors to freedom today with the Motability car scheme at Bells Crossgar Motors, just 20 minutes from Belfast!

Common FAQ's:

  1. Can I join the scheme?
  2. What is the £750 incentive? (£750 promo)
  3. How will I receive the New Vehicle Payment?
  4. NIL Advance Payment
  5. Free Home Charger on Electric Vehicles
  6. A Car Personalised To You
  7. A Brand New Car Every 3 Years

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New Peugeot Motability £750 Cashback Offers Belfastf NI | Bells Crossgar Motors Motability deals

Can I join the Motability scheme NI?

Yes, as long as you are a resident in Northern Ireland who receives a qualifying mobility allowance with at least 12 months left.

What is the £750 incentive? (£750 promo)

From 1 March 2023, the original £250 New Vehicle Payment increased to £750!This offer was put in place to help you make the most of your new car. The £750 payment can be used toward your advance payment of your new vehicle or can be paid straight into your bank account.

How will I receive the New Vehicle Payment?
Simple, when you are ordering your new car with one of our Motability specialists, they will ask if you would rather have your £750 cashback toward your advance payment, or into your bank account - then leave the rest to us! If you choose to take the £750 as cash on the Motability Scheme, the £750 Motability incentive cashback will be transferred into your bank account no longer than 5 working days.

NIL Advance Payment

Bells Crossgar Motability has some of the best award-winning deals and exclusive offers in Northern Ireland. With majority of our car's and SUV's topping 'Car Of The Year' lists year on year! Why go anywhere else? Most of our Motability cars ranges from just NIL advance payment - including electric vehicles. Check out our competitive offers here.

Free Home Charger on Electric Vehicles

If you're leasing an electric car from Bells Crossgar on the Motability Scheme, we'll support you with charging your car. This Motability offer includes the arrangement of a home charger point and a standard installation - absolutely FREE of charge! We'll have your FREE home charger installed before the delivery of your brand new Motability vehicle. Have questions about charging your new electric Motability vehicle? Get in contact with one of our Motability specialists on 028 4483 3233 who will answer any further questions about this Motability promotion you might have.

A Car Personalised To You

You will not be disappointed when searching for you new Motability car at Bells Crossgar Motors - with the wide variety of vehicles across our franchises, we'll have the perfect one to suit you. If you're looking for that bigger car, we have the Dacia Jogger, Renault Austral or the Peugeot 5008. Or if you're looking for a smaller car we have the Renault Zoe or the gorgeous New Peugeot 208. View our range, register your interest and visit us in Crossgar, County Down - just 20 mins from Belfast, to take your test drive!
Many of our adaptions also come free of charge via our Motability Scheme, so whether you need more space, or maybe some additional safety sensors, our Motability specialists can get that all added for you on your behalf.

A Brand New Car Every 3 Years

Yes, you heard right! You'll change your car every 3 years which means you'll always be driving the latest model with the updated new modern technology. We continuously have unmissable Motability vehicles arriving at the dealership - and the choice is ALL yours!

Leave an enquiry below to start your path to independence via the Motability Scheme - speak with our Motability team team today.

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